Paulie: Ward more complete than Pacquiao

Boxing fans love to waste time debating the answer to a question that can never be determined: Who is the best fighter in the world, pound for pound? NYFightBlog asked Paulie Malignaggi if he had a problem with a P4P list that had Andre Ward, the super middleweight standout, at No. 2, behind Floyd Mayweather Jr..

"I think Ward has a very good claim on No. 2," he said. "It's a mythical thing, an opinion thing, but he's got a great claim to that."

Malignaggi thinks Ward might not get as much love from some fans and media as he should because he's not an aggressive stalker type.

"I think he's a more complete fighter than Manny Pacquiao," Malignaggi said. "Pacquiao is more offensive, but he can't fight going back. He's more of a killer offensively, and I think a lot of people fall in love with offensive killers. They see a guy who's an offensive killer and automatically assume he's a complete fighter. Of course, Pacquiao has generated a lot of positive press for our sport and that is something no one can complain about. But Ward can fight going forward, backward, inside, outside."