Friars Club to honor Lou DiBella on Jan. 23

The Friars Club is going to honor Brooklyn-born boxing promoter Lou DiBella on Monday, Jan. 23rd. Luckily for Combustible Lou, the affair will not be a full-on roast.

The event will be a dinner-auction, with Friars Club members purchasing tables, and with proceeds going to their tremendous charity arm, the Sunshine Committee.

The Sunshine Committee helps out underprivileged kids and senior citizens in NYC who can use a hand up. The Friars have been in existence since 1904, for the record, and isn't just a group of funnymen who get together and bust balls. They raise money for the arts, and each year, invite 1,500 kids who might not be looking forward to a bounty of presents under the tree to a film screening around the holidays.

When Frank Sinatra was the abbott, the head of the organization, he said of the Friars members, “Their continuous good work for charity, rather than their great triumphs on the stages of the world, is the true glory of this band of earthly angels known as the Friars.”

DiBella is actually the sort who could handle a roast, in all honesty. There will be some sets done by comedians, who I'm sure will gently rotisserie CL, but no, he won't get the Charlie Sheen treatment this time around...