Lorenzo would like to fight for crown in NY

Dominican-born Bronx resident Giovanni Lorenzo is ready to get some more stamps on his passport. The 31 year-old with a 31-4 mark has been two Germany twice and France once in his quest to snag a middleweight crown, and while he says he's willing to risk losing luggage again, he'd love to get a shot here in the States, too. “I’m ready for a huge 2012," he said. "I’ll go anywhere to fight but would love to fight in New York City.

He might get a better look from the judges than he did in France, against Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam for the interim WBA world middleweight title in April.

He dropped N’Jikam in the fifth and came out ahead in CompuBox numbers, but lost a UD. "I've fought the best in Europe right in their backyards," he said. "I want a big fight here in America, so I can have my fans support me and not have to worry about getting robbed by the European judges. I'm ready for anybody, bring it on!"

Lorenzo dropped a SD to Sebastian Sylvester in Germany in 2009, and a UD to Felix Sturm in Germany a year later. With middleweight ace Sergio Martinez fighting in NY in March against Matthew Macklin, and building up his fanbase here, seeing as how both are promoted by NY's Lou DiBella, we could see Lorenzo getting his wish, and getting a title crack close to home...