Roach hasn't hit anyone since Kinkos, 7 years ago

Freddie Roach admitted afterward the Wednesday screening at HBO of his cinema-verite miniseries "On Freddie Roach" that he was hit hard by how much he actually shakes. He said, "I thought I was steady as a rock" when wrapping hands, and said yes, it is embarrassing for people to see him shake. He is over, he said, the "what the eff are you looking at?" response to the gawking.

I asked Freddie about the darker side of his personality. He admitted that back in seventh and eight grade, the teachers tabbed him "the meanest kid in the world." He had no problem putting a beating on a classmate, he said. He does have a temper, does have a darker side and he had a hard time watching himself put the hammer down on assistant Marie. He explained that in that moment, he was trying to get her to stop doing someone elses' job, someone who had dropped the ball.

His temper is now mostly under control, he said. "I haven't hit anyone since Kinkos like seven years ago," he said. "I do have a bad temper and I do have an edge. That's me. One thing about this show, they never asked me to do anything or not to do anything."