Roach wants Floyd first, and talks "The Cut"

I chatted with trainer Freddie Roach after the HBO screening of the first two episodes of his miniseries, "On Freddie Roach" on Wednesday, said that promoter Bob Arum and Manny met that day. He said they have the say in who Pacman fights, not him. Freddie told Arum his preference of the four men the promoter had picked out as potential foes for a June Pacquiao bout.

Freddie likes Lamont Peterson first, then Tim Bradley, then Miguel Cotto number three, because he thinks the fight would be similar to their first tangle, and Floyd Mayweather was the fourth. "And he was out of the equation now, Juan Manuel Marquez didn't want the fight, so we took him out of the equation, so it was those three guys," Roach said.

The trainer said he thinks Lamont is the best style-wise for Manny, and that Bradley uses his head too much, in a bad way. Roach said that the Mayweather fight is "the first one I want now."

He said he didn't think it'd be optimal to put Pacquiao-Mayweather on in May, because there wouldn't be enough time for the promotional tour. "I don't think it'll happen right now, I think both guys will have one fight and then fight each other. Then fight each other in November? I'd say so."

And remember how Arum said Manny's cut eye from the Marquez fight would disqualify him from a May date? Roach said he got cut in a fight Thanksgiving and then I fought the day after Christmas. "That's the way it was," he said. "I think the cut is OK. Manny feels the June date is more attractive to me, but I don't think the cut is a factor in there."

"I don't talk to Manny when he's in the Phillipinnes, because I don't have his number," he said, chuckling.