Powell tries moving on from Spinks defeat

Sechew Powell is a thoughtful fellow, puts in his time studying philosophy and knows there is limited upside to spending too much time dwelling on negatives. "Onward and upward," the Flatbush boxer knows, is the preferred battle cry for the boxer and, really, anyone scratching and clawing their way up any ladder.

But two days after his unanimous decision loss to ex-welterweight champion Cory Spinks of St. Louis at the Shrine Mosque, in Springfield, Mo., Powell, 32, is struggling with a desire to look down at the puddle of milk, and continue to process how and why it got there.

"It's Monday and I'm moving forward, won't cry over spilled milk," Powell wrote on Facebook on Monday morning of the IBF junior middleweight title eliminator, "but for the record: I WON my fight on Saturday night and it was stolen from me because I was in my opponents back yard fighting, I knew going in that it would come down to me needing a KO to win if we went to the scorecards so it wasn't a big surprise but being cheated still sucks. Major props to Cory Spinks for staying on his feet wobble wobble and all from those big left hand shots he held on for dear life."

I would have liked to assess the scrap meself, but it was off TV, and there's no video available. The judges awarded the 12-rounder to Spinks, 115-113, 115-113, 116-112.

I texted Powell (now 26-4) on Sunday and checked in.

"Yeah, I got some home cooking," the Brooklyner responded, referring to the loss to Spinks, who turns 34 on Feb. 20 and rises to 39-6 with the W. "But I knew I had to beat him up bad to win and not just beat him up."

Powell believes the judges, with proper optical prescriptions, should have scored the fight 116-112, times three.

The fighter vows he will soldier on, milk spillage be damned.

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