Will Khan be Money's next bout?

For many months now, the most active rumor in the mill has been that Brit Amir Khan would be Floyd Mayweathers' next bout. That the 26-year-old Khan would fight Money in May in Vegas. Many of us are wondering if we're that much closer to knowing if Khan, a flashy-fisted hitter who's never in a bad fight, largely because his chin is his Achilles heel, has the gig. He's in NYC, and will be working for Showtime on Saturday.

Khan will be keeping the analyst chair warm, as the A-team analyst Paul Malignaggi gloves up in the main event at the Barclays Center, against fellow Brooklyner Zab Judah. I asked Khan straight up, is he fighting Floyd in his next fight?

"There's a lot of talk about the fight happening, it's been talked about the last three years, but nothing's come of it," he said. "It's a fight I'd take, I'd love to have it. If it came to me, I'd grab it with both hands," the 28-3 (with 19 KOs; has been stopped in tow of three losses, to Breidis Prescott and Danny Garcia) boxer told me. "The problem that'll cause Floyd problems is speed, explosiveness, fast movement. Make Floyd's old legs move ... If that fight ever happens, it'll be explosive fight, a great fight."

Khan said he's been training since his last fight, in July (UD win over Julio Diaz, a fight in which he was knocked down in round four). He promises a "new Amir Khan" in his next fight, against Floyd or whoever.

I asked him about critics who say his chin should disqualify him from getting a Floyd fight. He said that he'd been made weak by trying to cut to 140 pounds. In recent fights, when he had to "kill" himself to make weight, that made his punch resistance worse. "At 147, you'll see a new Amir Khan for sure," he said. He said he's taken bombs in sparring, from guys like Alfredo Angulo, 160, 180 pounders.

"I bet I'll be bigger than Floyd Mayweather," he continued, noting he was burning too much muscle making 140. "Yeah, I got put down, but there's reasons why that happened. I'm not one of those fighters who got knocked out cold...I've always gotten up, won the fight, or been on my feet."

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