Malignaggi-Senchenko finalized

Paulie Malignaggi will get another crack at a crown, on April 29. He will have to log some airtime to do it, as the fight, against WBA welterweight champion Viacheslav Senchenko will take place in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Paulie, the former junior welterweight titlist, said that as of now, there are no plans for TV broadcast to the US, but he is hopeful someone (maybe EPIX?) will pick up the tussle, so fans of the #TK (Twitter King) can get their fix.

Malignaggi is not overly thrilled with his take; he'll get $275,000 gross, which will come out of the pot held by Union Boxing, the promoters of Senchenko. He said he'll have to spend a chunk of that to put together a camp in that region, to help him get used to the time zone differential.

He also said his promoter Golden Boy did all they could to try and put together a fight that would appeal to HBO or Showtime, but the cablers didn't bite. (Aside: I'm not an expert on who does what ratings, but I do know Paulie is one of the very best at promoting his bouts with his mouth, so he saves a network money on promotion when they buy a Paulie fight...and it's slightly mystifying at some of the guys who make the cut, and get TV gigs, when he doesn't...but anyway...).

Malignaggi's manager, ace pizzaman Anthony Catanzaro, weighed in as the fight particulars were hashed out. "We are looking forward to winning our second world title in two different weight classes," he said. "We respect Senchenko, however we feel we have the style to outbox him. Paulie is a fighter in the old-fashioned sense of the word and we are honored to represent such a gifted and courageous young man."