Powell gets stopped by Rosado

He told us he would attack first, and attack last. But it didn't go his way on Friday night, so Sechew Powell is in contemplative mode. He was stopped by Gabriel Rosado in the ninth round of their bout at the Sands in Bethlehem, PA. The Flatbush, Brooklyn, boxer is "only" 32, but has now lost three straight. He dropped decisions to Cornelius Bundrage, and Cory Spinks, and now the loss to Rosado (20-5; age 26).

He took to Facebook to address his friends and fans.

"First off no excuses, my hat is off to Gabriel Rosado who fought a tremendous fight and did what he had to do to be victorious ... There was definitely a size difference between the two of us and Gabriel took advantage ... I will reevaluate my options and see what I want to do next. Again thank you all for the support there will always be haters as that is a part of the game of life.. If I decide to continue which at this time I feel like is definitely in my future I will ALWAYS fight to win."

Powell (26-5) was outweighed, 150 3/4 to Rosado's 154, and he believes that played a part in the outcome. He did indeed look like he was a weight class lower than the victor, in my eyes. He debuted in 2002 at 157, so it would be hard to drop to 147, but that may be an option moving forward.

Powell got manhandled a bit on the ropes, and in the ninth, ate a left hook which dropped him, at the 1:02 mark. Rosado went into beast mode, looking to finish, and he did so, with a non-stop flurry of power punches. As Powell sagged into the ropes, ref Steve Smoger stepped in to end it. He halted it as the bell ended the round.

Trainer Freddie Roach, working as an analyst, said that Powell is probably the better boxer, but Rosado does possess a vicious killer instinct that cannot be manufactured. Rosado afterwards called for a world title shot, and all in all, he deserves it. He is an action fighter, tries to give the fans what they want, KOs, and it is likely a matter of when, not if, he gets a shot at the biggest guns at 154, like Canelo, or Austin Trout.