Broner-Malignaggi a possibility

Promoter Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy has given Paul Malignaggi until the end of this weekend to come together on a May 18 fight against either Diego Chaves or Humberto Soto in Abu Dhabi.

If it doesn't, Malignaggi (32-4; age 32) told NYFightblog, then Plan B will go into effect. That would be a fight at Barclays Center on June 22. And would Andre Berto be the probable foe in that case, as we'd heard previously? "Adrien Broner has been brought up for that date," the WBA welter champ told me. "I think it's an interesting backup plan to Abu Dhabi."

I'll say.

The trashtalk pre-fight hijinks for a Malignaggi-Broner fight would likely be more violent than the bout itself. The WBC lightweight champ Broner currently campaigns at 135 pounds, and was at 130 as recently as last February, but most experts seem to think his frame and skill set could accomadate a move up two classes.