Salita to Santana: You're a liar!

Welterweights Edgar Santana and Dmitriy Salita are sparring, not in the ring, but on the Net. Team Santana sent out a press release Tuesday morning which accuses Salita of accepting a fight against him, and then backtracking.

Harlem resident Santana (26-4) maintains that the Brooklyner Salita (34-1-1) and he would have squared off at the Barclays show on Oct. 20.

“I got the call to fight him and I accepted immediately," Santana said. “I was excited to get that fight and it was a good fight for New York in the new arena. We are both big ticket sellers and it is definitely the right fight. Then we found out that Salita did not want the fight. Regardless of what he says, he is scared to fight me." He said that he read that Salita stated he nixed the fight because Santana is coming off a loss to Manuel Perez via UD10 in February. "I fought that fight with a broken hand," Santana explained, "but let's face the facts, I have knocked out three guys that he not only went the distance with but he had trouble with."

I reached out to Salita, for a response. He fired back, with a sharp combo.

"This press release is a lie! We were kicking around names and I suggested Santana as one of the opponents for this show and/or for a future possibility, I have back-dated emails to prove it," Salita said. "I don't want to do the back and forth. This is unprofessional for his team. Ask Santana or his team to show you an internet article where I am quoted as saying , 'I don't want to fight Santana because he is coming off a loss.' I never said that and that article does not exist as this press release states. This release is a lie, start to finish just a bad way to handle this situation."