Fight tips from the Amazing Kreskin (Pt. 3)

Everyone in the room at the Friar's Club stops their chatting and looks up expectantly as Heather Hardy comes back into the room after spending a bit over 20 minutes with the Amazing Kreskin during a Tuesday afternoon session.

What did he do, we ask.

"He had me sit in a chair, with my eyes closed, and count to 50," said the 6-0 super bantamweight, days out from her Saturday bout at the Aviator Complex in Brooklyn, on a card promoted by Lou DiBella. "Then he asked me how long I thought that took. I said maybe five minutes. Kreskin said no, it was 18 minutes. I guess I was counting really, really slow," the Williamsburg, Brooklyn resident said, chuckling. Also, Kreskin had Hardy, in a trust exercise, fall back into his arms, she reported.

We all wondered if Hardy got anything from the session.

"He got me to relax, so I was thinking about only what's important," she continued. Hardy said that normally, fight week is super stressful. She is juggling ticket sales, and picturing competing, and raising her daughter and work--she trains people at Gleason's--and bills etc etc.

"Usually, I want to kill everybody the last three days before fight. I don't know if it's because I'm female or..," Hardy said. No, Gabe Bracero's trainer Tommy Gallagher said, all fighters get homicidal like that. He sounded open-minded about Kreskin's angle, and said it is beneficial to be able to adeptly block out intrusive thoughts, and negative popups in your brain.

Shemuel Pagan, a 3-0 135 pounder, comes back from his session and gives it a thumbs up. Kreskin's power of suggestion helped him relax, he said.

Bracero (22-1 with 4 KOs) said he was already on Kreskin's page. "The mental strength is already there," he said, knowing I'm mindful of the fact that he's turned his back on the seductive thug life, after spending almost six years in jail for attempted murder. After the session, Bracero, who headlines the Saturday show against Dmitriy Salita (35-1-1) said he was thankful for the opportunity, but, "I'm already that person."

Kreskin asked for contact info for the three boxers, hoping he could follow up with them, and continue to inject them with positive suggestions and follow their progress. "I believe that all three fighters are future champions, they have the capacity, they have the mindset to be," Kreskin said, to wrap up. "I wish we had in politics together some of the attitudes we have in some of the athletes today."