Report: Guerrero arrested, had gun at JFK

California-based boxer Robert Guerrero, set to fight Floyd Mayweather on May 4, was arrested for gun possession at JFK Airport on Thursday morning, the New York Daily News reported.

Guerrero (31-1-1) was in New York, doing media to hype the forthcoming welterweight showdown in Las Vegas.

Guerrero, who turned 30 on Wednesday, was catching a flight to Las Vegas, where he will train for his bout against the 43-0 Mayweather, regarded as the top pugilist in the world. Mayweather holds the WBC welterweight crown, and is around a 9-1 favorite to beat Guerrero, who has said he feels he has been tapped by God to knock Mayweather "off his pedestal." Guerrero has publicly taken issue with Mayweather's public persona, stating that he believes Floyd worships money as his main god, and thus needs to be humbled.

This comes five weeks after Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Da'Quan Bowers was arrested at LaGuardia Airport and charged with criminal possession of a firearm. A weapon was found in Bowers' carry-on bag.

NYFightblog reached out to Guerrero's manager, Bob Santos, to learn more, and left a message on his voice mail.

New York-based attorney Keith Sullivan, who has handled affairs for several fighters, told us the state has the stiffest gun laws in the nation. If Guerrero's gun was loaded, or ammunition was within reach, state law calls for a mandatory stint of 3½ years in lockup, Sullivan said.

"There have been rare circumstances where the DA and the courts have agreed to plead the charge out, to a lesser offense, with no jail time," Sullivan said. "Factors that could impact a case include: Was he licensed to carry in another state, was the gun loaded, and did he volunteer that he was carrying, or was it discovered upon a search?"

Could the fight be in jeopardy? "He'd be arraigned today or tomorrow," Sullivan said, "and I don't anticipate the arrest would impact the fight because the wheels of justice turn very slowly."

A status conference would quite likely take place around six weeks after such an arrest, but Sullivan said it is likely the court would accommodate the scheduled fight, and that it would be set for after the bout.