Lundy headlines in Atlantic City tonight

Irony fans had to chuckle a bit when they heard that Hank Lundy had some scale issues Thursday ahead of his bout with Raymundo Beltran, which will be shown on ESPN2's "Friday Night Fights."

See, the Philly boxer, with a 21-1-1 mark, had trash-talked Adrien Broner heartily this week, after Broner was 3½ pounds over the junior lightweight 130-pound max the day before his Saturday scrap against Vicente Escobedo. Lundy called Broner unprofessional and challenged him to a tussle. Well, on Thursday night, Lundy needed four tries to make the 135-or-under limit for his NABF lightweight title defense, which will unfold at Resorts in Atlantic City (doors open at 7 p.m. for 8 p.m. start in AC; 10 p.m. start on ESPN2).

I am not busting Lundy's chops, in the least, mind you, as he hit the sauna and then the treadmill to do the job, whereas Broner swigged liquid after he got off the scale, signaling that he wouldn't even make a token attempt to make the weight.

"I trained hard and left Philadelphia weighing 134 pounds; it happens," Lundy said after the scale trial, "but you have to be a professional and lose the weight. All I can say is, 'Hey, I had to do it.’ All it did was kill my morning run because I usually go for a run the morning of, but I can chill now because I already did it."

There is some momentum, among fans and pundits, to see Lundy, should he get past the somewhat faded but still dangerous Beltran (25-6 with 17 KOs; age 31; from Mexico) tangle with Broner, who told the world he is done with junior lightweight.

Lundy's promoter, Jimmy Burchfield, who puts on the card in AC, told NYFightBlog that he and Lundy aren't the sorts to play a waiting game while lobbying behind the scenes for a megafight.

"We've been trying to get Antonio Demarco, the WBC lightweight champion, for six to eight months," said the Rhode Island-based dealmaker, who is known as one of those diligent pluggers doing it right on a grassroots basis.

"We're not going to wait around. We want to show the networks and the public that we'll keep busy, we're not going to fight bums, no cupcakes, real fighters. You fight a cupcake, what does it do for you? You got to be in real fights, that's what our fans want."