First Barclays bout ends in a draw

Two Brooklyners, fittingly, got it on in the first fight at the brand-new Barclays Center, the gleaming centerpiece to the Prospect Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Boyd Melson tangled with Jason Thompson in a junior middleweight scrap set for six rounds, and the tiff ended up a "kissin' your sis" special; they fought to a draw, according to the judges, by scores of 56-56, times three.

Melson, with a straight left to the body, landed the first punch in boxing's debut, which was promoted by Golden Boy. The crowd was still filing in when emcee David Diamante, the voice of the Nets, introduced Melson and Thompson. The action heated up quickly, as Melson hit the deck in the first, and then Thompson went down in the third.

Melson, a West Point grad, had a stamina edge and looked busier as the rounds piled up. Thompson buzzed Melson with a right counter in the sixth, and his corner asked him to press the issue. But Melson collected himself and, by the end of the round, blood was dripping from Thompson's mouth. They went to the cards.