Bronx amateur star Pedro Sosa in coma

Pedro Sosa fought on the streets in the Dominican Republic, and he fought on the streets of the Bronx when he moved there at age 10. Today, Sosa, 19, is fighting for his life after a car accident claimed his sister, Jennifer Sosa, and put him in a coma.

The 2011 National Golden Gloves champion, who fell just short of making the 2012 Olympics for the U.S., was on the Cross Bronx Expressway driving with his sister at about 5:45 on Sunday morning when a pileup occurred. They exited their car to "check on a car ahead of them," according to the Daily News. That's when another vehicle slammed into them, and sent them flying off an overpass, about 75 feet down.

They were taken to Jacobi Medical Center. Jennifer, the mother of a toddler, died. Pedro, a left-hooker who fought at 141 pounds, was "barely clinging to life," the News reported.

UPDATE, 11:40 AM MONDAY: Pat Russo, who runs the Atlas Cops and Kids boxing program, told NYFightBlog that Sosa is in the operating room at Jacobi. Doctors, he said, are investigating internal bleeding in Sosa's body. Pedro trained at the Cops and Kids facility in Washington Heights.

We send prayers out to Pedro and family.