Joan Guzman scores KO win on FNF

The scale, apparently, still looms large in his life, as much as any foe does. Joan Guzman, the talented but calorically troubled 35-year-old ex-titlist who lives in Bushwick, N.Y., weighed in a quarter-pound over the contracted max for his Friday night bout against Jesus Pabon, but skipped some rope and made weight on Thursday.

Guzman's rep tumbled when he couldn't make weight for high-profile bouts against Nate Campbell and Ali Funeka, and in the past couple years, he has struggled to rebuild. His skills still looked world-class at times against the underdog Pabon, who was stopped in his last outing. The Puerto Rican hitter went down four times, for the final time in Round 8, on a harsh left hook that starched him big-time.

Guzman's promoter, Henry Rivalta, told me that the scale at the gym said his fighter was 140 and that the Florida commission's scale was calibrated differently. Looking ahead, if I were Team Guzman, I'd try like the dickens to weigh a bit under the max, just so this situation doesn't occur again. If Guzman wants a marquee cashout bout against a Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan or someone still relevant who is a step down from there, he'd do well to show the world that he takes training ultra-seriously. It's more likely that he'll get a gig as a steppingstone for a young lion, but this being the fight game, the theater of the unexpected, one never knows.