UFC chief Dana White talks to NYFightblog

I am a fight fan.

I like to watch 'em.

Boxing, MMA, two knuckleheads soaked in suds throwing down outside The Dew Drop Inn, settling an argument on who's the hotter Kardashian.

And you know this is the NYFightblog, which was pitched to you as a place to keep track of all fightstuff taking place in the NYC area. Well, since we debuted in September, I've done precious little on UFC. I'd like to have done more, but the simple fact stands out that pro MMA isn't kosher in New York. Back in the outlaw era of the organization, bad press pushed the pols to ban the sport in the Empire State. The UFC has been for years and is today trying to reverse that ban. I hope they succeed. I like the product, and have since I watched a six hour block of UFC on New Years Eve 1997.

The ban could be reversed if the state legislature makes it a priority to do so. They haven't the last couple years, but hope springs eternal in UFC chief Dana White, and fight fans who'd love to pack themselves into Madison Square Garden, and check out the goings on in the Octagon. As it stands now, local UFC watchers don't have to travel too far to get their up-close dose, as the company runs a show in Jersey on May 5. That card, at the IZOD Center, is headlined by Nate Diaz-Jim Miller.

For me, I have a confession...I find the UFC chief Dana White a fascinating character study, a compelling mix of traits that is as unique a figure in the entire sports world as I've come across. He is exceedingly candid in an age where that is a rarity among people who rep large companies, and while every now and again, he says something that makes me cringe, I prefer that to the alternative: PC, ultra-bland offerings designed to shed no light and make no ripples. Me, I like ripples...White, in town at a media-fan press conference at Radio City Music Hall Tuesday, offered a few in this video Q 'n A, in which he talked about why UFC doesn't run in NY; what fight fans should do on May 5, when UFC on Fox and the Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto fight on PPV run the same night, and why it's Floyd's fault that Mayweather-Pacquiao hasn't been booked.