Fighting Serrano sis Cindy loses in France

Fighting Serrano Sister Cindy Serrano went overseas to attempt to take French welterweight champion Anne Sophie Mathis' crown Saturday night.

NYFightblog heard from Cindy's trainer Jordan Maldonado Friday, when he expressed concern that the wind was in their face in Moselle. He weighed in again late Saturday, after the Brooklyn gal, now 15-4-2, fell short, losing a unanimous decision to Mathis.

Here's his email report:

"Hey Mike, like I said we would, we fought the judges and the ref as well as Mathis. She was hitting us behind the head and shoving and the ref did nothing. He threatened to remove me from the corner for yelling at him for not doing his job. The girl was 24-1 with 21 KOs, and thought we would be number 22. Not in this lifetime. Ten round decision loss. I pretty much knew it when I took the fight. --Jordan

C'est la vie.