New dad Diaz all smiles following Rosa loss

He hung in there with his lady as long as he could, but after being with her at home while she labored since 7 a.m. Friday, boxer Jorge Diaz had to leave for his fight, which was to be televised on ESPN's "Fright Night Fights," against Connecticut resident Luis Rosa.

The 26-year-old Diaz left around 3 p.m., and baby Jorge Diaz III was born about 2½ hours later. The boxer got word and let out a whoop of joy but needed to get his game face back on. The New Brunswick, N.J., native gloved up against Rosa in a featherweight scrap at Codey Arena in West Orange, N.J. And while the fight was entertaining, Diaz got the short end of it. He got whacked around pretty good and knocked down in Rounds 3 and 4, eventually losing by scores of 80-70, 79-71, 78-72.

Not long thereafter, he was taken to a local hospital because an examining physician didn't care for his response to a neurological test. After getting a CT scan -- and passing -- the boxer was released at about 2:45 a.m. and saw his new baby boy at 3.

It was rumored that the 17-3 boxer requested that he be taken to the same hospital where his lady and the baby were, but that wasn't the case. The home-birthed baby entered the world in Somerset, N.J., at the home the new mom lives in with her mother. Thus, Diaz asked to be taken to a hospital closer to Somerset than West Orange so he could get out and see his newborn that much quicker.

"It would've been good to win, but I'm happy," he told me. "Seeing the baby, I was just unexplainably filled with joy," the fighter said. "I just kept laughing at him, looking at him moving around. Just so happy! Boxing is part of my life. In some time, it will be the past. This little guy will always be my future."