Chambers aiming (again) at Klitschko

So ... it didn't go swimmingly the first time around. Would Eddie Chambers even want another go at a Klitschko, even if it meant another tasty payday?

"I would absolutely want another crack at [Wladimir] Klitschko," Chambers said. "He's the best out there, and I want to be the best out there, so the only way to be that is to beat him. Since that fight, I have been studying the sport. I watched the video to understand what he does, how effective he is."

Chambers had some time in the sun a couple years ago when he beat Sam Peter and then Alex Dimitrenko, and had some folks calling him a future Klitschko killer. Since then, fortune has smiled on other prospects, such as Seth Mitchell. We wondered, does this irk Chambers?

"Not really," he said. "I'm just glad to see that people are paying attention. He gets all that credit, but then it changes when he steps into the ring with someone like myself and that person beats him, and then all of a sudden it shifts. Now that person becomes 'the guy.' So if I get the shot at Seth Mitchell and defeat him, then all that hoopla and all that good stuff shifts over to me."

Part of me would like to see Chambers get a little PO'd, take some of this stuff personally. Main Events is in love with Bryant Jennings right now; Chambers should be wondering why he isn't the object of the promoter's affection.

"There's something about him [Jennings] that reminded me of Evander Holyfield when he was young," Main Events boss Kathy Duva said. "I mentioned that at the fighter meeting, and people jumped down my throat at that point. [Trainer] Freddie Roach said, 'You can't compare him to Evander Holyfield.' Well, when the fight ended, I went up to Freddie and said, 'Can I compare him to Evander now?' and he said 'Yeah.' And now he's [Roach] turned out saying he's [Jennings] the best young heavyweight out there."

Eddie, you listening? If you take out Adamek, if I'm you, I'm calling out Jennings -- if he beats Steve Collins on the June 16 undercard -- and demanding a faceoff, with winner to get Seth Mitchell. And if you beat Adamek, Jennings and then Mitchell, I do declare, there would be nothing iffy about another Klitschko crack. It would be earned, well earned.