Keith Thurman vs. Malignaggi?

The offers, callouts and disses flow like New Year's resolutions on Jan. 1, and Paul Malignaggi generally treats them like most people do their own resolutions after a few weeks -- with indifference.

Sunday night on the Internet radio show KO Lounge, prospect Keith Thurman said he wanted a piece of Paulie. The 19-0 Floridian, age 24, said Paulie has a belt and he wants that WBA welterweight strap.

Thurman's last two bouts, KOs of Orlando Lora and Carlos Quintana, were showcased on HBO and he did much to open eyes. The man has a desire to separate his foe from his senses. So ... would Malignaggi consider a dance date with Thurman, especially if continuing negotiations with Shane Mosley for an April scrap fall through?

"What makes Keith Thurman different than anyone else that wants a title shot but has barely done anything to merit the shot over more deserving opponents?" Malignaggo told ESPN NY. "If he wasn't with Al Haymon, no one would know who this guy was, so when he does something to get himself in position I'm sure all the world champions will take notice of him. But until then, signing with Al Haymon isn't an accomplishment that makes you deserve a title shot. Solid wins over top guys get you title shots, and Keith Thurman has none."

Sounds like as of today, Thurman has the same chance of getting a gig against Paulie as the majority of citizens do of getting slim and trim for 2013.