Browne, Herring at White House

Olympians Marcus Browne and Jamel Herring, of Staten Island and Coram, Long Island, are in DC today, meeting President Obama at the White House along with a couple hundred other American athletes who took part in the London Games.

"Yea, we here, from Staten Island to the White House!" Browne Tweeted at 9 a.m.

"From Coram to the White House and still going strong in life," Herring Tweeted. "Y'all can't tell me I ain't made it... Life is good and it only gets better."

"I watched you guys do things that I did not think were humanly possible," Obama said, as quoted on TheHill.com. "I was tempted to run a little bit faster after watching Tyson Gay ... or do a few more crunches after watching Michael Phelps and some of the other swimmers."

Neither Browne nor Herring was able to make it out of London with a medal, but both are soldiering on, sifting through offers to turn pro. The grapevine tells me that Browne has met with some heavy hitters about a deal and is mulling how to proceed, and Herring is planning to go to a camp headed by Mike Stafford, who guides Adrien Broner and is looking to place Herring with a higher-placed adviser.