Macklin calls out Kid Chocolate

Matthew Macklin heard through the grapevine that Peter Quillin needs a foe for his next bout. The Anglo-Irish middleweight has reached out to NYFightblog to offer a hand ... or two.

"Me and Quillin in April or May in New York would be a great fight," the 30-5 Macklin told me. "It's a good clash of styles. I would be a big step up in terms of opposition he's faced."

The 31-year-old Macklin said that coming into his title challenge against Gennady Golovkin in June 2013, he'd fought only a single round in 15 months. He rebounded from that KO3 loss and won a UD10 over Lamar Russ on Dec. 7, which has left him in fine form, he thinks. "Peter Quillin is a good guy, but this is boxing," Macklin continued. "It's a natural fight that sells big in New York."

His advisor, Anthony Catanzaro, weighed in. "We respect 'Kid Chocolate' as a champion," he said. "He was in a thriller versus Hassan N'Dam, he's a fan-friendly fighter who can punch. Matthew is never in a boring fight and has shared the ring with the best middleweights in the world, in their primes. I believe a fight between Quillin and Macklin at the Barclays Center would be a barn-burner."