Dunkin talks about Rios' future

Cameron Dunkin knows that Brandon Rios, warrior through and through, is keen to get back in the ring this summer, maybe in July, but the manager told NYFightblog he'd like Rios to get a bit more downtime before lacing up again.

Rios lost a UD12 to Mike Alvarado in a vicious rumble on March 30 and wants to show the world that he's still a top-dog junior welter. Not so fast, said Dunkin today at the press conference to hype Saturday's clash between another Dunkin fighter, Nonito Donaire, and Guillermo Rigondeaux. "No, not July, I don't think so," he told me. "Maybe fall, early fall."

Dunkin said he'd like to match Rios against someone without such a particularly assaulting mindset next. "Not every fight has to be like the last two," he said. (Rios beat Alvarado via TKO7 in his previous outing, last October.) "I'd like to get him a regular fight." Though, he noted, Rios' fighting disposition means that he can turn anything into a rumble.

Dunkin said an Alvarado rematch was what was put on the table for Rios, who grew up in Texas and lives in Oxnard, Calif. "It was his biggest payday and we could have sat and waited or taken a fight for half that."

Dunkin said Rios let the crowd get to him, pump him up to much, and made him engage in macho trading. The manager said he and trainer Robert Garcia want Rios to get back and start using some defensive maneuvers again. "He needs to go back to moving his head and blocking punches," he said. "He wanted to show Alvarado that he couldn't hurt him."