Lugo throws jabs back at Rooney Jr.

Fighter/publicist Kevin Rooney Jr. felt he was jobbed on Saturday night in Atlantic City, when he lost via unanimous decision to Danny Lugo.

Rooney felt he won three rounds, but the judges said otherwise, scoring it for Lugo, 39-37 across the board.

Lugo (1-1) is now speaking out, making it clear that he thinks the judges don't need to get their vision checked.

"If that’s how he feels, that’s how he feels," Lugo said. "But I know I went in there and I worked for what I got. I had control in all four rounds, go back and look at the tape. He got all this press because of his name. But all the guys they put in front of him before, I guess they don’t have the toughness like I have it. He knew what he was getting into [once we touched gloves].

The Harrisburg, PA boxer offered the 2-1 Rooney a re-do. "I wish him the best, one loss doesn't ruin your career. But he can't beat me. If he wants it again, that's something he'll have to talk to my promoter about."

"I think it was one of the most entertaining fights on the card, and that includes both television bouts," said Lugo's promoter, Nick Payton. "I'm sure a warrior like Kevin, with the family pedigree he comes from, is looking to even the score. Just as long as they aware that Danny is coming to knock him out next time. Be careful what you wish for."

Here's the link to Rooney talking about the decision.