Barclays Center should benefit NY fight fans

Competition is almost always good for the consumer. Therefore, New York fight fans should benefit mightily with the presence of the Barclays Center, the arena being built in Brooklyn which will be complete this fall. Word dropped yesterday that the venerable franchise that is the NY Golden Gloves, the brain-child of NY Daily News sports editor Paul Gallico, which kicked off in 1926, will move their finale from Madison Square Garden, to the Barclays Center.

The first finale drew 21,594 patrons, and around 10,000 folks wanting to get in were turned away. Today, the tourney’s heat has dimmed; the Gloves finals, held Thursday and Friday, in which 24 champs were crowned, was held in The Theater, the sub 5,000 seat companion to the big room.

But unless MSG wants to hand over bigtime boxing events, and a storied franchise such as the Gloves, I suspect that they will look to match the moves of the Barclays people, who already snagged Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions to be the sole purveyor of pro cards at their new building.

“The Golden Gloves will be the linchpin of our grass-roots boxing program at Barclays Center,” Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark said. “While Golden Boy Promotions will bring the best of professional boxing back to Brooklyn, we are excited to host such a New York institution as the Daily News Golden Gloves. There’s a rich heritage of boxing in Brooklyn and we are thrilled to make the sport a major part of our new arena.”

Your move, MSG...