MSG to show Mayweather, Pacquiao bouts

Fight fans, if they have followed the sport for any length of time, are typically a cynical lot when it comes to the deal-making segment of the sport. Promoters can at times speak with the conviction of a pump and dump boiler room stock promoter, and if you've been sold shares in a new tech outfit with a promise that it's the new Google, and it turns out the entity is a worthless shell operated out of a guy's garage in the Caymans, and your shares are rendered worthless, well, you have good reason to be cynical. Many folks are feeling dubious that the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight will ever occur, and this hardens the fight-game cynics that much more, because it's a no-brainer of a bout.

So, while we wait, and hope that the principals come to their senses, and make the fight everyone wants to see, we can pass the time watching some of the best bouts from Pacquiao’s and Mayweather’s careers. Some of those fights will run on Sunday nights for the next seven weeks on MSG, starting Sunday, July 29 at 8:00 p.m. with Pacquiao’s 2007 WBC international super featherweight bout versus Marco Antonio Barrera.

In addition to the Pacquiao-Barrera fight, MSG's "Fight Sports: MEGA Fights!" lineup includes: Pacquiao vs. Oscar De La Hoya (2008), Mayweather vs. “Sugar” Shane Mosley (2010), Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton (2007), Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez (2008), Pacquiao vs. Hatton (2009) and Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez (2009).

I know, we all want it. But until we get it, or circumstances -- like a surprise retirement announcement from Pacquiao, for instance -- pop up that render Mayweather-Pacquiao nothing but a monument to bungling and greed and petty grievances, we need to make do with what we have.