Coroner can't decide if Gatti death was suicide or murder

The crew, led by his ex manager and friend Pat Lynch, who do not believe that Arturo Gatti killed himself, could not have been happy with the finding released by a Quebec coroner on Wednesday.

The Daily News reported that coroner Jean Brochu was unable to conclude whether the boxer was murdered or committed suicide. Brochu said that Gatti, 37 at the time of his death, asphyxiated, via "neck constriction."

Gatti, who was the bucket of blood brawler of this pugilistic era, retired from the sport in 2007 having won titles at super featherweight and junior welterweight. His body was found in a Brazilian condo on July 12, 2009; he'd been on vacation with his wife, Amanda, and had battled violently with her, according to witnesses, the evening that he perished.

Lynch spearheaded a private investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death, as he did not believe the finding in an initial autopsy performed in Brazil. That ruling indicated Gatti, who grew up in Quebec but moved to New Jersey as a teen, hung himself by a purse strap.

NYFightBlog has a call in to Lynch, seeking comment.