Teron gets thrashed by Cote in Canada

Anyone with a heart had to be rooting a little bit for Jorge Teron after reading about how he's fighting to hook up his mom, who almost gave her life to get Jorge and his older brother out of harms way when a car bore down upon them in 1991 in the Bronx.

Teron could've used mom again on Saturday night. He gloved up with Colombian-born Quebec resident Pier-Olivier Cote on the Lucian Bute-Glen Johnson undercard in a junior welterweight clash and got soundly thrashed.

Cote throws with ill intentions, and Teron's chin couldn't hold together. A stiff jab and a right follow sent Teron down early in the second. He got up, but Cote punished him with a vicious left hook. That sent Teron down, and blood gushed from his nose. He tried to rise but was groggy and the ref didn't even bother finishing the count, halting the scrap 33 seconds into the second.

Teron drops to 25-3-1, while Cote, who raised his profile about a thousand percent in this most dangerous game, rises to 18-0 with 12 KOs.