Cotto beats 'Margacheato'

Miguel Cotto accused Antonio Margarito of being a criminal, of using plaster in his fists during their 2008 bout, which the Mexican won by stoppage in Round 11. In a most anticipated rematch, the Puerto Rican junior middleweight titlist punished the man he thinks toyed with his life and made the ref pull the plug on Margarito after nine rounds at Madison Square Garden on Saturday.

Cotto said the punches didn't feel as hard this time after the bout. His face looked like a nasty Halloween mask in 2008; tonight, it wore a grin after the effort, because he can now make amends with the fact that he took a knee in 2008, and said no mas.

Cotto started off strong and accurate and never faded. Margarito was a step behind him, and he'd grin that Grinch-y grin when tagged, but he was never able to sustain the pressure he did in the first tangle.

Does this mean necessarily that Margarito was cheating the first fight? No; he's had three eye surgeries in six months. Manny Pacquiao hammered him brutally at the end of 2010. He may have just lost a step. But suspicion will linger, and even intensify because he looked less effective this time than he did in 2008.

Max Kellerman told Margarito that his punches didn't seem to have the same pop this time around, and basically hinted heavily that he was using loaded wraps last time.

The bad guy got his comeuppance on this night. Citizens hunger for this -- witness all the protests that dot the nation. On this night, in a boxing ring of all places, it looks like the good guy got what he deserved, and the bad guy did too.