Update: Silgado four pounds over, Jolly fight is off

Disregard the previous post.

Well, disregard the part about Santander Silgado fighting Harvey Jolly at the Aviator Complex in Brooklyn tonight.

The Silgado-Jolly fight was scratched from the card, which now features eight bouts, headlined by the Amanda Serrano-Kimberly Connor IBF super featherweight title scrap.

Havoc CEO Rob Diaz tells NYFightblog that Silgado-Jolly evaporated because

Silgado was four pounds over the weight limit (200 pounds) at Friday's weigh-in.

He said Jolly was offered more dough to fight the-four-pounds-over Silgado, and Jolly didn't want to do it.

"Jolly said he could fight ex cruiserweight champion O'Neil Bell for $4500, so I called his bluff, and he didn't take it. He took the $1000 guarantee and went home," Diaz said. For the record, Jolly has fought three of his last seven bouts at heavyweight (over 200 pounds).

Jolly was going to receive $2500 originally, and a bonus of $500 if he kayoed Silgado, according to Diaz.

NYFightblog is looking to touch base with Jolly, and get his side of the story ...