Herring to fight a Kazakh, Browne an Aussie

The draw was held to determine who will fight who in the first round of the Olympic boxing slate, and co-captain Jamel Herring, a welterweight, told the world the result, via Twitter: "I box against KAZAKHSTAN Tuesday. Let's get this work in USA!"

Fellow New Yorker Marcus Browne learned that he will take on a light heavyweight from Australia in his opener, in the round of 32.

Herring, the Marine from Coram, Long Island, will be looking to get it done on Tuesday morning, versus Daniyar Yeleussinov, a lefty who moves well and knows the focus-on-points style of Olympic fighting.

Herring was feeling some extra emotion Friday, the third anniversary of his daughter's death. Ariyanah Herring was two months old when she passed.

"Today marks the 3rd anniversary since my daughter has passed but instead of sorrow I'm go represent her proudly in this opening ceremony," Herring tweeted.

Browne, 21, will glove up Monday morning, against Damien Hooper, who is ranked No. 2 in the world at light heavy (max of 178 pounds). It is possible that Hooper's head isn't screwed on as tight as it needs to be? He left the Aussie camp a month early in June, after fighting with coaches and teammates. At 20, is he mentally tough enough for all this hubbub?