Younan likes Paulie's chances vs. Broner

Sherif Younan trained Paul Malignaggi for three fights, two against Juan Diaz, and against Amir Khan. The New York based tutor told NYFightblog he's still on good terms with the WBA welterweight champion who is an 11-to-1 underdog against 135 pound ace Adrien Broner. Younan gave NYFightblog his assessment of Malignaggi's chances against the (perhaps) heir to Floyd Mayweather in their Barclays Center showdown.

"Paulie has a lot of experience," he said Tuesday at a Gleason's press workout. "If Adrien thinks it's going to be easy, he'll be very sadly mistaken. You enter the ring against Paulie and it's a different world. He's cagey, has heart and speed."

Younan is hoping Malignaggi's gameplan relies heavily on his legs, his movement. "If he has his legs, he's going to control range, and have an easy night," he said. "If the legs are there, he could win eight rounds [of a scheduled 12]."

Younan can see a situation where Malignaggi builds a solid lead, and Broner needs to storm him late to try for a KO.

I did wonder if Younan's fondness for his former fighter clouded his judgement. He said he was still thinking with his head, as well as his heart. "This is Broner's first really big test," he said. "If Broner shuts Paulie down, then we know he's real. But I doubt that very much, Paulie doesn't lay down for nobody."

Younan's son Sherif Jr. aka "Sugar Boy," is, by the way, a superb boxer in his own right. Dad and son, who's repped by James Prince, are talking to promoters about a deal now. The kid is ranked No. 1 in the nation at 178 pound, and has been learning the ropes, getting superior sparring with local pros Marcus Browne and Curtis Stevens. "We might sign a contract this week," the father said.