Here is the Chisora slap on Vitali

Fight fans at times wish Vitali Klitschko and l'il brother Wladimir would let their pulses race, let the bile boil, show some spunk, instead of staying in focused mode for the entirety of their bouts. The Klitschkos focus is perhaps their greatest trait as boxers. They stay on message the whole three minutes of every round they fight, and never let their minds wander, or fall prey to letting their emotions--and I am assuming they have emotions here!--dictate their actions and tactics in a bout. So..it didn't surprise me that Vitali didn't go ballistic when Dereck Chisora slapped him during the pose-off after the heavyweights weighed in in Munich this afternoon, ahead of their Saturday clash, which will be shown on the premium cabler EPIX (4:30 ET start, first bell at 5:05 ET). You will see in this video provided by EPIX that Klitschko absorbed the blow, which came after the two stood forehead to forehead for four seconds, looked like he might pounce and return fire, but then held off, and looked almost bemused. Here it is in slo-mo. One suspects he will look to make Chisora pay for the slap during the bout, a wise move considering a counterattack might have sparked a melee, and perhaps an injury which would've put the fight in jeopardy.

The bout will screen on a JumboTron in Times Square, as well.