Martinez to appear in music vid vs. bullying

Sergio Martinez, promoted by local Lou DiBella, has taken up the cause of anti-bullying and taken a stand against violence against women, especially in the last few years.

The 49-2-2-boxer is stepping up his anti-violence profile with an appearance in a music video by the band "Going Dark."

The New Jersey-based group is made up of Oliver Shaw (age 12), LJ Militello (14) and Alex Fogg (15). They have a classic rock sound, with a modern edge and are shooting a video for "Stand Up," a song about standing up to bullies, Tuesday in Jersey.

Martinez shot footage for the video while in training for one of the year's most high profile bouts Sept. 15, when he challenges Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in Las Vegas. He'll attempt to take back the WBC middleweight strap that he wore previously, in 2010.

My take: I simply love the incongruity, or apparent incongruity, of having the boxer, a man who makes his living with his fists, inflicting punishment and pain on another soul, standing up against bullying, in its various forms.

Martinez is a boxer, I must disclose, I like because he represents the sport well, as his skills are immense ... but so is his humility. You don't see the guy getting picked up for this transgression or that. You don't see him not making weight and then being flippant about it. He isn't a too-preachy sort who spends any time proseleytizing.

Yep, full disclosure, I am a Martinez fan.