N'Dam promises to 'punish' Quillin

Hassan N'Dam is the biggest mystery man on Saturday's Barclays Center card.

The Cameroonian-born Frenchman has always fought close to home, and scouting reports on him are hard to come by. But he told NYFightBlog that, to him, foe Peter Quillin is the mystery man. "Peter Quillin, before this fight, I don't know him," N'Dam said.

The 27-0 WBO middleweight champion thinks he should not be seen as the underdog. "Peter Quillin fought who?" N'Dam, age 28, asked.

Winky Wright, I answered.

Wright, age 40, was old when Quillin beat him, back in June, N'Dam countered.

"I will punish Peter Quillin in 12 rounds," N'Dam said. "In Barclays Center, all Americans who know boxing will adopt me."