Kerr: Knicks have better chance than Nets

TNT analyst Steve Kerr thinks the New York Knicks have a better chance at possibly upsetting the top-seeded/defending champion Miami Heat in the playoffs than the Brooklyn Nets.

“I like the Knicks’ chances better against Miami, just because if you look at Brooklyn, even though they can bother Miami inside with [Brook] Lopez and Deron [Williams] can penetrate, I don’t think Brooklyn can stop Miami [defensively]. I think the matchups are really difficult at the other end,” Kerr said during a Monday conference call with reporters.

“But if you look at the Knicks, they had success in the regular season, they downsize just like Miami does [playing a small lineup], so to Kenny [Smith]’s point about Miami forcing you to downsize, New York already has, so it’s a more comfortable matchup for them.

“So I think the Knicks, if Tyson Chandler is healthy and really playing at a high level, and Carmelo [Anthony] is doing what he does and they’re shooting the ball, they can give Miami some problems.”

The Knicks went 3-1 against the Heat in the regular season, while the Nets went 0-3.

“They’re in the same boat,” Smith said. “They both have some things that would give Miami problems, but none of them have proven that those things could give them problems for four out of seven games.”