Wallace plays a role in the fourth

CHICAGO -- Gerald Wallace got his point across, not that it helped the Brooklyn Nets outcome much.

After sitting out during the fourth quarter in Game 3 and questioning his role, he played all 12 minutes in the final period Saturday, only to get an up-close look at an improbable Chicago Bulls comeback. The Nets fell behind 3-1 in the best-of-seven series after a 142-134 defeat in triple overtime.

“I couldn’t tell you my role,” Wallace told reporters at practice Friday. “I don’t have a clue what my role is on this team.”

If he sits on the bench during the final 12 minutes of Game 5 Monday at the Barclays Center his 1-of-4 shooting from the free-throw line in Saturday’s fourth quarter could be a major reason. Two of his misses from the free-throw line came with just over two minutes remaining in the game as the Bulls made their frantic comeback.

Wallace was asked about his day after questioning his role the day before.

“I felt pretty good,” he said. “I’m kind of mad at myself for missing a couple of free throws. I think I was focusing too much on those. But for the most part I felt like I played a pretty good game. I was able to rebound, get out in transition and push the ball. But I still wasn’t able to help us win tonight.”

So how do the Nets bounce back now, knowing they need three consecutive victories without a defeat to continue the season?

“I don’t know, ask me tomorrow,” Wallace said. “Right now you’re more focused on the game and trying to figure out where you lost it and what went wrong.”