Kidd will coach Nets' summer league team

Jason Kidd, the Brooklyn Nets' new head coach, will coach the franchise's summer league team next month in Orlando, Fla., GM Billy King said Friday on WFAN.

This is not typical; assistants usually coach the summer league teams. Kidd, however, has never coached before, so this will be an opportunity to learn on the job.

Kidd will make his coaching debut on July 7 at 5 p.m. against the Detroit Pistons.

He will throw out the first pitch at Wednesday's Yankees game, according to Nets PR man Gary Sussman.

King also addressed some other topics during his wide-ranging radio interview:

• On Phil Jackson rejecting his offer: "I talked to Phil and our conversation was very good, but he's done. He reiterated to me that he's done with coaching. So I said I understand. ... At the time he was helping Detroit because he'd become friendly with their owner throughout their [coaching search] process. But yeah, he's done."

• On the Celtics not giving him permission to talk to Doc Rivers: "I sort of assumed there wouldn't be [permission]. I mean, if I was on the other end of the phone I would've said no, so I assumed there wouldn't be. There were other people that I reached out to and we were able to keep it quiet, and so, it was a search that we had reached out to different people."

• On if Deron Williams had anything to do with the Kidd hire: "[The players] all received a text, a group text to all the players that night the decision was made, before we announced it. So they all got the message at the same time."

• On the "courtesy" interview for Pacers assistant Brian Shaw: "There was no private plane; he flew commercial air. I had spoken to Brian's agent and I said when the time is right, I will reach out and get permission from Donnie [Walsh]. So when they lost, I did that, and we scheduled the interview.

"I think [Shaw] was going back to the West Coast for a family function and was going to meet with the Clippers on Monday. And the next available time they had for me was on Wednesday, and so I told his agent before he got the plane, I said, 'Jason was very good on Monday. I'm gonna meet with Brian and make a quick decision.' I said it's down to those two guys.

"I was straightforward and honest with them. And so after meeting him, and given that it was those two guys, it was easy to make a decision."

• On George Karl: "I have a lot of respect for George. I think he's a good coach, but I think the direction we're looking in, I was going in a different direction than that."

• On C.J. Watson opting out: "I haven't gotten the official letter, but I'm assuming he will. ... Jason and I have already discussed that and if we aren't able to retain him we've got some replacements in mind."