King initially 'resistant' to Kidd as coach

Nets GM Billy King says he was "resistant" at first about the possibility of Jason Kidd being the team’s next head coach.

"The idea was brought to me by his agent [Jeff Schwartz] and ownership said, 'You should talk to him,'" King said Tuesday at the Barclays Center partnership summit.

"I was resistant because the timing -- going right from player to coach -- might not be beneficial. But then I said if you believe that somebody is going to be a very good coach -- and I always felt Jason would be -- why wait.

"It's like if you believe LeBron James is going to be a very good player, you take him No. 1. You don’t wait for him to have two years' experience before you want him. That was my thought process: Let’s get him and help him grow and develop, because he’s been coaching really in the 19 years that he's played."

King also went into specifics about his conversation with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski when the two talked about the possibility of Kidd being hired.

"'If you hire Jason as your coach, don’t bog him down with the minutiae of being a coach right away. Let his instincts take over, don't put him in a box, this coach's box where he's got to do things,'" King said Krzyzewski told him. "'Get him a good staff. they can help plan the practices with Jason’s input. Don’t take away his great instincts.'" But he believed in Jason, thought he’d be a great coach."