Video: Nets' offseason needs

ESPN analyst Tom Penn breaks down the Nets' question marks heading into Thursday night's draft:

1. Coach Kidd on the clock: How will new head coach Jason Kidd fare in his first year on the job? Who is going to be on his staff?

2. Luxury tax challenges: The Nets are over the tax by about $13 million or $14 million with nine players under contract. They will have to pay a $30 million or more luxury tax penalty as a result. They are extremely limited in how they can improve their roster with just the $3.2 million mini mid-level exception.

3. Shooting and size: The Nets need both. Penn suggests they may be able to fill part of those needs with the 22nd pick in the draft. Penn also mentions that the Nets are going to need a backup point guard with C.J. Watson likely out of the mix.