Upgrade for Nets? Stats tell the story

ESPN Stats & Information put together great nuggets on the Nets-Celtics blockbuster:

How's this for an upgrade? Last season, Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans averaged a combined 10.9 points per game on 42.7 percent shooting, while Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett averaged a combined 31.2 points on 46.2 percent shooting. That's an increase of nearly of 20 points per game from the starting lineup. The Nets ranked last in the NBA, with the fewest ppg by a starting forward tandem last season.

KG's impact on D: The Nets allowed 43.4 points per game and 55 percent shooting in the paint last season, both of which ranked in the bottom 10 in the league. The Celtics ranked as one of the top six teams in defensive efficiency in each of the past six seasons since Garnett arrived in Boston, and their interior defensive was better with him on the court last season, in particular.

Celtics defense with Garnett on/off court in 2012-13:

Defensive efficiency: KG on court, 96.2; off court, 104.6

Paint points per 48 minutes: KG on court, 38.5; off court, 45.2

Advantage, Pierce: Wallace shot an NBA-worst 27.3 percent from outside the paint last season (mininum 200 attempts), while Pierce shot 39.3 percent from outside the paint.

Lucky Jason Kidd: The Nets' projected starting lineup has a combined 35 All-Star selections: KG 15, Pierce 10, Joe Johnson 6, Deron Williams 3 and Brook Lopez 1. That would be the most on a head coach's roster in his first NBA season.