Coach Kidd getting more comfortable

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Nets coach Jason Kidd said he feels a lot more comfortable after the summer league team’s third practice.

“The nerves are gone,” Kidd said Friday. “Summer school has officially started. I’m excited.”

The Nets began practicing Wednesday, when they went through a day session and a night session. Kidd said he’s been doing a lot of teaching and drills, while also going through game situations with the players and coaching a scrimmage.

“I think the guys are going in the right direction; they’re working extremely hard,” Kidd said.

Kidd said he’s still getting used to when to blow the whistle.

“It’s something that you have to get good at,” Kidd said. “Guys are gonna make mistakes, and you want to see how they’re gonna respond to the mistake. So you have to pick and choose, because if you stop it after every mistake, you won’t know how they’re gonna handle when it comes game time, who’s gonna be there to help them. But guys have been talking, really playing great team defense with the principles that we’ve been teaching them.”

Kidd said basketball is always on his mind.

“Right now after practice, I’ll go and look at the video and see some of the things. One of the things that stands out right now is turnovers; we have to work on that,” Kidd said. “These guys haven’t been together too long, so we’re gonna have that. But we’re emphasizing taking care of the ball and getting a good shot, make or miss. But I’m always thinking about basketball.”

Kidd, who retired after this past season following a decorated NBA career, was hired as the Nets' coach last month.