Kidd doesn't want isolation basketball

Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd conducted one-on-one interviews with Newsday and the New York Post on Tuesday. Here are some of the highlights:

Kidd told Newsday he doesn't want the Nets playing isolation basketball.

"You look at the league as a whole -- we'll use the two teams [in the Finals], Miami and San Antonio, they are teams that kind of stayed away from iso and moved the ball around and there was multiple touches," Kidd said. "That's what we are trying to get to, being able to move the ball. 'Sacrifice' is something I might say a lot. Something you'll [also] hear me say a lot is making a play for a teammate.

"Don't be afraid to let go of the ball because a lot of times, when you do let go of the ball, the ball will find you."

The Nets ran the fourth-most isolation plays last season -- going iso on 13.7 percent of their possessions, according to Synergy, the newspaper reported.

Kidd told the Post, "The player in me is dead, in the sense that the coach ... that's who I am. I'm in the office from 8 [in the morning] to 7:30 [at night], and there's guys who come in and you can see them leaving."

Kidd talked about his decision to bring on John Welch as an assistant, although his hire has not been made official yet.

"Lawrence [Frank] is great," Kidd told the Post. "He has the total package. He's been an assistant. He's been a head coach. You look at John, he's been around one of the best that's done it in George Karl, and if you look around he's been with [longtime NBA assistant Tim Grgurich], he's been at UNLV and Fresno State with [Jerry Tarkanian], so he knows what it takes to be successful.

"We're talking this week and I'm trying to share the vision I have, and that's one of the formulas that we might have -- break it down where [Frank] could do defense and John does the offense and I'll oversee and pipe in on both."