Kidd commends D-Will on 'Nets West'

First-year coach Jason Kidd is glad Deron Williams organized “Nets West” out in L.A.

“[Williams] had to put in a lot of work to get the guys to meet in one area,” Kidd told the New York Post at the Barclays Pro-Am Golf Tournament Wednesday, “but I think it just shows his growth, and that he’s serious about winning.”

D-Will posted an Instagram video of new teammate Kevin Garnett nailing a jumper.

Kidd thinks the week-long workout will be important for his players going forward, as they’ll be able to develop some chemistry.

“To be able to start gelling and getting to know each other [is good], because it is kind of a different team,” Kidd told the Post.

“For the young guys, Mason [Plumlee] and [Tyshawn Taylor], to be out there, [Garnett] and Paul [Pierce[ and Joe [Johnson], it just shows that these guys are going in the right direction, and being very professional. I know during the summer time they could do something else, but to come together for a couple days shows that they’re trying to get ready and they want to win.”

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