Kidd on D-Will: 'I'm going to push him'

Nets point guard Deron Williams has averaged 9.0 assists per game during his career.

First-year coach Jason Kidd told the New York Daily News that he’d like D-Will to average at least 10.0 assists per game this season.

“I’m going to push him. I want the best for him,” Kidd said Sunday. “When we sit down and talk about goals, team goals and also individual goals, I’m going to push him and I want to get him back to double-digit assists.”

Prior to last season, at media day, ex-coach Avery Johnson said he wanted D-Will to average 18 points and 11 assists per game. Obviously, it didn’t happen.

Williams was hurt and overweight for the first 50 games and the team’s 14-14 start cost Johnson his job. D-Will ended up righting himself during the All-Star break. He averaged 7.7 assists, his lowest career-total as a full-time starter.

It stands to reason that if Williams is healthy, he’ll be able to meet Kidd’s goal given the added weapons -- Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Andrei -- that GM Billy King put around him.

• Kidd also confirmed to the Daily News that the Nets did discuss bringing back Jason Collins, but ultimately decided against it. “That was something that we did talk about in the summer,” Kidd said.