Evans: Nets' bench > some starting units

NEW YORK -- Reggie Evans thinks very highly of the Brooklyn Nets’ bench.

“The coaches needed me to start last season, but now I’m back [as a reserve in the frontcourt] with Andray Blatche, and that’s cool. Then we got JT [Jason Terry] to score the ball, and AK-47 [Andrei Kirilenko], so I feel like we could beat some of these starting units. You know what I’m saying?”

Watch out, Philadelphia. And, perhaps, some other teams, too.

Four players projected to be reserves for the Nets -- Blatche, Terry, Kirilenko and Alan Anderson -- averaged double figures last season. Certainly a nice luxury to have.

Especially when you want to occasionally sit your veteran starters suc as Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Johnson to keep them fresh for the playoffs.

“It’s really gonna be tough for our starting unit in practice, to be honest with you,” Evans continued. “Because, like, our main thing is to go hard in practice so playing in the game will be a lot easier. So like I told Paul, I told Paul, ‘Ya’ll better be ready that first practice, because we can give it to y’all.’ But it’s all positive energy.”

Blatche sounded just as confident as Evans, calling the Nets the deepest team in the league.

“Our bench is going to be just as important as the starters,” Evans said. “I mean, we got guys who really put up big numbers in this league and played significant minutes, so there may be times where they have to fill in a starting role and they’re truly capable of doing it.”

Evans doesn’t have an official name for the team’s bench yet, but he said “Bench Mob” could stick.