Lopez: KG makes our D better

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Last season, Avery Johnson was so impressed by Kevin Garnett's ability to read the Nets' offensive plays and call them out on the court that the coach just wished the defensive wizard would keep his mouth shut.

"The funny thing is, I wish he would be quiet on the floor and not call out your plays," Johnson said jokingly. "He's seen so much. We'll call a play and he'll say, 'Joe [Johnson] is going over here and Deron [Williams] is going here.' It's not funny anymore, OK?

"As much as [Rajon] Rondo quarterbacks their offense, [KG] quarterbacks their defense. ... I like every now and then when we'll surprise him with something, and then maybe he'll look at the bench and curse the other coaches out, not me."

On Monday, Brook Lopez said it's nice to have KG on the Nets' side in that regard.

"I definitely noticed it last year," Lopez said. "It makes us so much of a better defensive team. We have time to set up. It helps us."

"He's a constant talker on the floor and it's not necessarily at me," Lopez added. "A lot of the situations it helps. He's talking through the team defense in a spot where he needs to be, letting me know he has my back and I have his back vice versa. It's good to have that chirping in your ear because it gets you to talk on the court as well."