KG: I want Nets to be top-3 defensive team

PHILADELPHIA -- Jason Kidd wants the Brooklyn Nets to be a top-10 defensive team this season.

Kevin Garnett, however, has a bigger goal as far as the team's D is concerned.

"I think we can be anything we want to be," Garnett said. "But understand, defense is the hardest thing about this game. And I explained that to the guys here. When you're trying to win, one of the hardest things to do is defend, and you have to be [one of the top teams in the league at it] at it.

"So top-five is obviously something -- [Jason] said top-10, I wouldn't give us that. We're gonna have to be one of the top three teams in defense coming out and giving a valid effort every night to be something in this league."

Top-three, huh.

"For us to be in the top-10 [in both offense and defense], if we're talking about winning a championship, a team that's been in both of those categories has won the trophy [historically]," Kidd said.

"If we can get to the top three [in defense], that would be great."

A look at the last five NBA champions by rank in both points/points allowed per game

2012-13 Heat: 5th/5th

2011-12 Heat: 7th/4th

2010-11 Mavericks (Kidd's team): 11th/10th

2009-10 Lakers: 12th/9th

2008-09 Lakers: 3rd/13th

• One of the points of emphasis made by the NBA this season is illegal screens.

KG is apparently in the video the league shows teams as an example.

"Because I'm the best pick-setter in the league. I understand that," he said.

Will Garnett have to adjust how he sets screens as a result?

"I think it's half-and-half. To be honest, I try to get better at whatever it is I'm doing," he said. "And the reason they're putting it in there, is because some things are not right. So if I'm looking at my mechanics and if I'm not setting proper picks, then you know what, it’s the game, you're gonna have to adjust to the game. I'm no perfect human being, but I do try to master my craft and perfect my craft. Hell yeah if it's something to where it's gonna be something where I'm not going to play or not, I'm going to have to adjust to it, absolutely."

Garnett said he doesn't plan to hold back as a result of the stricter rules. "Everything's full-throttle with me."

• KG said Reggie Evans being on the Nets roster was one of the keys to him deciding to waive his no-trade clause and go to Brooklyn. "I've been a super-fan of his for a long time," Garnett said of Evans.

Garnett respects Evans because they both play an extremely intense, fierce style of basketball.